An Active Life

An Active Life

In an email to a friend yesterday I wrote the following-

“I am physically fine, but the need to search for the desired word is mentally frustrating. A close friend who was told by one medico that she had Alzheimer’s and has hugely improved when another said she only had ‘mild cognitive impairment’, is an encouraging example of not giving in. 

I find my need to consume media -TV (Sky news and sport), podcasts, radio, books, “The Australian”, The Economist (digital only), Emails, Facebook (voyeur only),LinkedIn (skim very lightly) as well as the Cotton Wire,- collectively all stimulating. 

Then there is my occasional diversion to vent my spleen on my Blog, my weekly attendance with my Thursday lunch group at the Australian Club (average age very lively c85 including four in their 90’s which has been meeting for over 30 years), my monthly attendance at Agriminds, and the Cooper Group (as in sheep dip). 

And now I think of it there is- Zoom or physical attendance at the Centre for Independent Studies, Institute of Public Affairs and Sydney Institute plus weekly St Swithun’s worship and church functions. I will compulsorily retire as Chairman of the McGarvie Smith Institute (agricultural research) at year end having reached the compulsory retirement age of 80. Cripes! How did I ever have time to go to work?”

My friend replied -“You have omitted your visits to Mooloolaba, country NSW particularly Walcha, and your fatherly and grandfatherly child minding and sport following duties and your support of your disabled daughter Kate and sadly demented wife Gail. You also have your Farmwriter’s luncheons.”

Reference to sport reminds me  I also omitted my membership of the cricket charity the Primary Club, something which I have felt even more strongly about since Kate’s accident in 1987, and my “need” to attend most cricket Test Matches in Australia and the last four Lord’s Tests in London. I am a member of the Sydney Cricket Ground, the South Australian Cricket Association and the Western Australian Cricket Association.Then, of course representative Rugby has to be squeezed in.

In my spare time I continue working on my memoirs with ever increasing digital assistance from son Mike as we get to the ‘pointy end’.

In my mature (?) years I have been very aware of my leaving school and going bush just after my 16th birthday and thus my lack of formal education. Much of the foregoing reflects my efforts to catch-up!



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