The Lower Lakes of South Australia

In so many key issues faced by mankind the best resolution is not at the extremes, but in a mid-course approach.

A cursory reading of this latest report suggests to me that the panel has approached their task by weighing the merits of two extreme views. Total removal of the barrages on one hand and staying strictly with the ‘fresh water solution’ on the other.

This contrasts with the ever so sensible mid-course approach taken by Ken Jury in his “A Better Way” thesis. Modernise the barrages so they can be quickly lifted or lowered. Maintain existing water levels in the lakes with the judicious use of salt water. Build Lock 0. In the process reduce evaporation of fresh water to allow additional upstream production.

Ken Jury is a Senior Investigative Journalist, who has specialised in Marine and Aquatic Ecology and has studied and written on water issues for nigh on 40 years. Furthermore he is a South Australian who actually lives on Lake Alexandrina at Goolwa and who knows what he is talking about.

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