Religion of Carbon, the devil is in the doctrine

I was greatly attracted by this article from grazier George King. It is very much in line with my thinking.

photo: George King
photo: George King
  • Published on March 13, 2020

George King

Managing Director at The Whitney Pastoral Company Pty Ltd, “Coombing Park”

Many people must be incredibly perplexed as to why the environmental discussion has abandoned real issues such as desertification, extinctions, the hydrological cycle and pollution in favour of blaming a naturally occuring gas for all the world’s woes.  The debate has gone beyond science to religion and now to a cult.  The ‘97%’ of scientists which believe climate change is from human induced carbon dioxide emissions is sourced from a survey sent to 10,257 people of which 3,146 were reduced to 77 self-selected climatologists of which 75 agreed humans were to blame.  If we are to question any of the ‘science’ of climate change then we are climate deniers.  The only accurate deduction we can gain from the computer climate modelling is what the code-writers political instructions were.

Humans generally enter religious ideologies and cults from an unscientific or irrational position therefore no amount of rational science will get them out whilst they are in the feverenty of their blind ignorance.  Not being able to discuss the possibility that carbon may not be the cause of the world’s environmental problems is unfathomable as not being able to discuss carbon-free nuclear power generation.   As with most cults there is a hidden underlying evil agenda.

The environmental movement has been hijacked by a highly organised socialist agenda.  It’s not like this agenda has been tried once in Russia and failed, this has failed every single time it has been attempted, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Venezuela, Denmark, Scandinavia.  By failure I mean millions of people have died because of this ridiculous doctrine where group identity is paramount over individual rights.  No socialist regime has ever liked the poor, they just hate the rich.  Motivated by hatred, jealousy and resentment which is amplified by an all-encompassing love of power.

The rejection of individualism in favour of group identity has only ever resulted in tribal violence and mass murders.  Democracy and capitalism is the only political system which acknowledges the individual, it also unites individuals through trade helping to sustain civilisation in a peaceful manner.  In the last century and a half conflicts and starvation have seen the death of hundreds of millions people in the most attrocious circumstances, each time individual rights were forefeited.

The western system needs to evolve to a triple bottom line.  All evolution of incomprehensibly complex systems such as living beings, social structures and communities should be done by adding to what is already there – any doctrine which wants to use destruction as a means to enact change should cause real fear to all individuals.

As the climate cult is only about power, the maintenance of that power has to become tyrannical as decision making can not be based on competence, peer reviewed science, intelligence, compassion or individual rights.  Historically it always starts benignly with the erosion of individual rights, then it moves to ostracisation of certain groups, this time it will be climate deniers, farmers, capitalists and industrialists.  In the end the socialists only arbitrator can be force.  

After individual rights are eroded property rights are then eroded.  No human rights can exist without property rights since material goods are produced by the mind and effort of the individuals.  The material goods are produced to sustain the producers life – if the producer does not own his or her effort they don’t own their life.  Historically the next step of governments is to turn people into property and then to deny the right of life as it suits the bureaucracy. 

Almost all religions and cults have a cornerstone of their doctrine of sacrifice.  Sacrifice is an easy doctrine for humans to accept as we mostly all sacrifice the present for a better future.  Once humans accept directed sacrifice they accept the concept of sacrificing other humans when their authority deems it necessary.  We are told we have to sacrifice the benefits of modern society to save the environment, the next step is to sacrifice people who the government deems to be using too many resources.

As citizens we have a responsibility not to allow the cruel lessons of the past to be repeated.  We should be able to have decent discussions around how we manage the world’s environment, the greatest change humanity could make is to move to a decision making process which is simultaneously environmentally, economically and socially sound – this would not cost billions.  Without exception all of the world’s advancements have been made possible by available energy, the current unrealistic doctrine of the greens/socialist to limit or destroy our reliable energy production will prevent us from finding solutions to the world’s problems.  

The Carbon movement is not about helping the environment, just as the socialist agenda has never been about helping its citizens.  Respectively they are about the centralisation of  wealth, power and control.  As consumers you have the power to control how the environment is looked after, as voters you have the control to make your own informed decisions for your long term triple bottom line benefit. Where the socialist road ends is bad for everyone and everything.

George King

“Coombing Park”


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