Data is Everything!

Looks pretty convincing to me! Son Michael tells me that “data is everything”! Why is this such an emotional topic? It’s more like a religion where faith is required, rather than one which we should be able to deal with, by the use of rational hard facts.

The hypothesis of human caused, huge increases in warming, sea levels, and more extreme weather events, all caused by the “green-house” effect of increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, has simply not been borne out by factual observations.

Yet every event or change is dramatised, and often exaggerated in an apparent effort to prove the alarmist point.

Hard to argue this in the face of one of our worst droughts on record where it is counter-intuitive to many.

It seems impossible to have a civil, rational conversation on the subject! Is there any truth in the view that environmental alarmism is being used as a means of promoting leftist political objectives?

Perhaps I’m the biased, emotional one. But, I don’t really believe so! I am trying hard to follow the John Anderson thesis of dealing civilly with the issues and playing the “ball”(the subject) and not the”man”; which is what identity politics does.

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