Open Letter to Tony Burke, Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water

What a load of nonsense! The health of the basin did not collapse! The natural impact of the worst drought in recorded history was invalidly labeled  as “mismanagement” and “over allocation”. The flooding rains and big flows that followed the breaking of the drought took the basin back to robust health. Our ecology is geared to the massive variability of our climate. Don’t be conned by the extreme dark greens like WWF, the Wentworth Group, ACF and anti-irrigation advocate Prof. Richard Kingsford. 
If irrigators have been cheating they should feel the full weight of the law.  But keep it in proportion-the water quantities involved would have no impact on the Coorong and Lower Lakes as claimed by the  bleating South Australians. What about their gross mismanagement of the Lower Lakes and refusal to let salt water play its part?
Between the Electricity policy, the NBN and the MDB Plan, Australia has been very badly let down by our politicians of all colours and I fear we are condemned to a serious decline in living standards as a direct consequence.
David Boyd

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