Trump Will Fix It !!!

I have no idea who Alistair is. But I like his turn of phrase.

From: Alistair
Sent: 16 January, 2017 3:59 PM
To: ‘Joshua Frydenberg’;
Cc:; ‘Richard Di Natale’; ‘Sarah Hanson-Young’;
Subject: 170116-QoL: Climate Wars Hot Goblins & Hobgoblins
The fake pseudo-‘climate science’ has about as much validity to be called a science as alchemy, horoscopes (yet millions read them) and gambling systems at roulette.
Models are not science, but are a useful tool even in the hard science disciplines where the parameters can be set with some reliability.  This cannot apply in statistical ‘sciences’ based only on models or probabilities.  It has rained on 7% of Melbourne Cup races, so tell me, will it rain in 2017?  I won a bet on the MC weather when I took the odds that it would NOT rain, basing my risk on the biased fact that we were in a drought.  It could have been the year the drought broke, so if I had bet every year for 10 years, then on the year it rained I would have lost all my ‘winnings’ – and more.
There is nothing unusual about what is happening to the weather or the climate, except that the increase in CO2 is immensely beneficial, as would be an extra couple of degrees Centigrade. 
The extra CO2 is feeding additional plant growth, so the Earth is a self-regulating system as the greening determined by satellite measurements show. Unfortunately at the current rate of CO2 improvement it will take about 800 – 1,000 years to reach the optimum level of CO2 as plants will increase their offtake.
Life & speciation flourishes in warm climates as the Carboniferous Age demonstrated. Unfortunately, we are unlikely to see that happy day of a 2C increase as global cooling is a more likely probability.
Climate Disruption? Extreme Weather events?  Nothing to see here – and I take no [statistical] comfort in their current decrease of extreme weather as this is just another random statistical blip.  Can you imagine the delight of the numpties if there was an equally random increase?
You could have noted that this cult of the simple folk has actually nothing to do with reality, or facts, or weather, or climate, but everything to do with totalitarian power that will allow the deliberate de-industrialisation and depopulation of the majority of people as from the ashes a new society will arise? Where have you heard that false vision before?
I would cut the electricity connector to SA so we can use them as we would a Petri dish culture of the consequences of this (ig)Noble Corruption.  Build a wall first or the SA refugees will swamp us.
Let me prove to you that the CAGW crowd have no idea what they [scientifically] want, but will destroy civilisation to achieve their ‘aims’ through their fake climate tool. I will also pre-empt the inevitable entry of the ‘MacDougall’ by asking ANY true believer to answer two simple questions:
1. What is the IDEAL average global temperature that will be of greatest benefit to the world? and
2. What is the IDEAL average concentration of CO2 in ppm, and why?
If the minions cannot tell us the answer to those questions, then forget facts as the climate con is a political question, not a scientific one.  ”
Sceptical Scientific Contrarian
Climate Change Denier, 7th Dan Black Belt
Seek the Truth,
No matter what you would prefer to believe.
Leave beliefs and cults to the simple folk.

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