Global Warming-In Brief

A ‘comment’ from a certain David Brewer, in the Catallaxy Files last night-

“The global warming narrative is a long chain of causation from industrial emissions to climate disruption – industrial CO2 emissions are not absorbed, they increase radiative forcing, then that is amplified by more water vapour in the upper atmosphere, and the thus-tripled radiative effect then raises temperatures which leads to all sorts of climate shifts and consequent biosphere changes.
The first link in the chain is none too strong – most emissions are reabsorbed and the reabsorption rate is not falling. But the key weak point is step 3 – the amplification of the initial radiative forcing by extra water vapour in the upper troposphere. This is undemonstrated, and cannot be occurring in the way the models say, since the temperature in that part of the atmosphere is hardly going up at all. Just like Semmelweis, we don’t know why, but the fact is the amplification of radiative forcing is not happening.
And so, logically enough, from that point on in the global warming narrative, nothing is happening the way it is supposed to. No rapid surface warming, no rapid ocean temperature rise, no acceleration of sea level rise, no significant change in droughts, floods, cyclones, the monsoon, or other weather patterns, no increase in extinctions, climate-induced deforestation, coral reef loss from water temperature rise etc etc etc.
What is really amazing and in need of explanation is how supposedly intelligent people are so sure of the entire narrative when they couldn’t even tell you the steps in the story, and have no idea what the real evidence is for any of them.”
I Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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