Water Entitlements and Allocations

Cop this for a misleading, almost non-sensical statement-
The NSW Office of Water will leave water entitlement for general security users along the Lachlan River at 100 per cent for the 2015-16 year. It says entitlement, not to be confused with water
allocations, will remain unchanged after wide consultation with users along the river.

The Office of Water’s Michael Wrathall said: “It means the maximum proportion of general security
entitlement can be extracted in the next water year. So if those water users have 100 per cent
entitlement in their account, then they can extract that full amount.”

Although entitlement remains unchanged, water allocations along the Lachlan River remain challenging.”We announced in March that we would need 130,000 megalitres of inflow and storages in March and we’d only received in the order of a few thousand, rather than the ten’s or hundred’s of
thousands. So there is certainly still a fair way to go to announce new allocations.”

It is however consistent with the nonsense the MDBA etc keep talking about in terms of “Water Recovery”. You would think that there was a totally consistent supply with nature and variability having no role! Until such times as they talk about extractions in terms of a proportion of our highly variable actual flows, the whole debate remains meaningless! 

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