Health Update

Last year (02.08.14) I wrote “ Last year (2013) I published three posts titled “Oh What a Feeling”, “Cricket and Chemo” and “Contemplation” which gave the brutal facts of my flirtation with bowel cancer. In September last year I wrote a triumphant “Health Update” declaring a cancer “all clear”. Nothing has changed in that direction, but a large hernia developed where the ileostomy had been and it was determined that I should have a “repair job” done on it. The practice is to strengthen the stomach lining with some plastic mesh.

As with the initial surgery and then the ileostomy closure, I took this latest procedure quite lightly. And again got a shock. Pre-op I was pleased that I didn’t have to have the epidural-like back injection and persuaded the surgeon not to catheterise, me as I believe some bladder damage was done last time. However the post surgery pain was intense and they kept me in the recovery ward for quite a long time as any movement caused such pain. Daughter Susie got quite worried that I hadn’t been taken to the ward. 

Four days of very considerable discomfort and largely sleepless nights followed. Thank God for family and friends visits and cricket and tennis TV diversions and a very amusing email exchange with my retired gynecologist friend in the wee hours one particular night. I emerged from hospital on a very wet day, five days after the operation. At home our low level bed and the lack of a hook above, made getting in and out of bed very difficult. I finally got a proper nights sleep seven days after the surgery, and that was heaven. I felt so well that yesterday I decided to join my usual lunch group at my city club. I will spare you the detail, but last night the bowel really rebelled and I am taking it very easy today. Have an appointment with my surgeon for next Thursday to have the 16 staples removed. Hopefully, there will be no need for any further “organ recitals”!

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