Christmas Greetings and 2014 Review

Once again we use the “late and easy” way by conveying our Christmas greetings electronically. Gail and I sincerely wish all our friends a very happy Christmas and a healthy and successful 2015.

Not sure that I want to bore you with our health issues and somewhat mundane activities over 2014, so will strive for brevity as I did last year. However, the year did have its highlights-

  • an enjoyable, albeit sad, weekend in Bourke in May to mark Swire’s final withdrawal from the agricultural industry, following the sale of the Barwon/Darling River cotton farms,
  • the removal of my colostomy bag and closure of the stoma in June,
  • various Tandou events during the year culminating in a fascinating Snowy Hydro conducted tour of the Snowy Scheme in November-see my Blog,
  • election to Chairmanship of the McGarvie Smith Institute in mid year,
  • August saw the loss and funeral of our very good Walcha friend Sue Archdale, after the bravest fight with cancer that one could ever see; a brief visit to the ever impressive Australian Cotton Conference, a trip to Gunnedah with son Mike for AgQuip, and 2.5 weeks at Moololaba,
  • a great five days in Adelaide last week for the India Test Match,
  • two excellent school reports for our two eldest grandchildren-Mike and Georgie’s- Charlie and Heidi- followed by Charlie’s election yesterday as School Captain of Mosman Primary,
  • the diagnosis yesterday of what can most simply be described as a very large hernia below where the colostomy was closed, which will almost certainly involve further surgery to repair; the good news is that there is no sign of cancer.
Sorry if I have offended anyone by not including something that they thought was important!

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