Health-An Update

For all those who over the last 12 months have expressed concern and support with my health issues, I would like to say a very heartfelt thank you.

For the record, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer on 9th October last year. I had some 11 inches of my colon and rectum containing three malignant tumours removed on 29th October. Wore a colostomy bag for eight months whilst I had chemotherapy, then had the stoma reversed (“re-connected”) on 26th June this year. Including the original colonoscopy I have now had four general anaesthetics in the last twelve months.

In the last seven days I have had a whole body (chest and abdomen) CT Scan, a blood test for every malady known to man and another colonoscopy this morning. I am probably still “high” from the anaesthetic!

I am delighted to report that the outcome of all these observations is positive. No trace was found of any cancer or other issues of concern and I have been given a clean bill of health. Ongoing monitoring will continue.

I will be forever grateful for many things. I thank God that we live in an age of extraordinary technology with skilful, caring medical practitioners and we are surrounded by caring thoughtful and prayerful friends.

David Boyd

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