“Focus” is one of my favourite business words. I came across the following quote which is worth repeating and following-
QUOTE OF NOTE:  From Robert Glazer, a serial entrepreneur and customer acquisition specialist with an exceptional track record of growing revenue and profits for early to mid-stage consumer businesses. His firm, Acceleration Partners, is a go-to advisor for affiliate and performance marketing. (Extracted from an article on the Forbes website).
“The fewer things you do, the better you can do them. Identify 3-4 priorities each quarter that will advance your business and get them done and be okay with what falls off.
“That means you can’t let the million things vying for your attention on any given day take your focus away from things that REALLY MATTER.
“Also, it’s better to be really good at a few things, than average at many; so simplify your product and service offerings to what you do best. It’s hard; focus requires a lot of discipline.”

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