The Barrages

The issue of The Barrages, assiduously avoided in the preparation of the Murray Darling Basin Plan has again arisen with a well researched column by Jennifer Marohasy in the May 30th edition of The Land newspaper-

I wrote a Letter to the Editor-

“Once again Jennifer Marohasy (Barrage truths kept from leaking out-The Land-30th May, 2013) has hit the nail firmly on its proverbial head. It is about time that the twin myths that 1.The Barrages were built because of flow depletion caused by upstream extractions, and 2. the Lower Lakes were not estuarine but predominantly fresh water, were both cast to the dustbin of fabricated history.
Those genuinely interested in ‘a better way’ of managing The Barrages and reducing the appalling waste of fresh water from our highly variable flows, and returning the Lower Lakes  to more like their natural marine environment, should view the documentary “Muddied Waters” that can be found on
David Boyd
I regret that I didn’t also mention all of the good material that can be found on

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