Dysfunctional Government

We really can’t afford another six months of the dysfunctional Gillard Government.
Last week I sent the following email to Tony Windsor-without response. We need to apply some pressure.

“Dear Tony,
Whilst you couldn’t have been expected to have perfect foresight, the fact remains that you and Rob Oakeshott foisted this appalling Government on the Australian people.

I appeal to you both to spare us all from a further six months of their socialist, trade union centered mismanagement by supporting the foreshadowed no confidence motion.

If the polls are any indication, such an initiative would be widely welcomed by the great majority of the Australian public and would indeed be a great public service.

In hope,

J.D.O.(David) Boyd
Tel:   02 9449 7501
Mob: 0429 999 444
Email: jdoboyd@gmail.com
Blog: http://davidboydsblog.blogspot.com/

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