MD Basin-Eucumbene

Letter published in The Land on 24th February-
“Max Talbot, Cooma makes an excellent point in his letter (Look outside basin-The Land, February,10). At 4,800 gigalitres, Eucumbene Dam is the largest single dam feeding the Murray Darling Basin (MDB). It is essential that its operation, and the operation of the other Snowy storages, be fully integrated in any comprehensive plan for optimising long term benefits from water management in the MDB.

It is quite extraordinary that for Eucumbene, the most important dam in the entire system, information on the amount of water in storage and releases, is not readily available. Does somebody have a vested interest in not having an informed market?
David Boyd”

I have followed up with the following-
“Each week you faithfully publish Dam Levels for all the major dams storing water for use in the Murray Darling Basin-with the notable exception of the biggest one of all-Eucumbene. Can you not get the information? If so, do you know why? Can this be corrected?”

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