Now to important matters. We have a new grandson Maximus Ernst David Wintzer. A 9.5lb. boy to our baby daughter Susan and her husband Hagen. Max is the “ants pants”, just ask his maternal grandmother (and his parents).

One thought on “Grandson

  1. having examined Maximus at close range(we stared at each other for a few minutes recently) ,I now fell particulaarly well qualified to report that he has a JDO Boyd like stare that is reminicent of the great Murry River flow expert and commenator studying Penny Wong,s latest deliberation on the benifiets of water byback and how much of the water prised from the raping and pillaging irrigators is going to reach her supporters in SA. Of couse Max will no doubt smile as time goes on, as will JDO when he gets the news that a Chinese consortium has purchased Clyde and intend to turn all the properties over to sheep and cattle grazing!!!


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