Global Warming Theology-Open Email to Senator Fielding

Dear Senator,
I would like to congratulate you and encourage you on the stance you are taking on this subject. The arrogant dismissal of legitimate questioning of the science behind the conventional position has been appalling. It is my view that we humans are inclined to overstate our impacts and our level of control. I think we delude ourselves to believe we can change the climate of the earth (for better or worse) which has always been beyond man’s puny impacts and efforts.

Whether I am right or wrong, all science should be open to question. Throughout history it has been the so called ‘sceptics’ who have questioned accepted science and led the way to man’s progress.

In politics, ‘players’ need to decide whether they are going to be reactive to perceived public opinion and simply play political games or be pro-active in taking a leadership role when they are firmly of the belief that the majority public opinion may be misinformed.

This takes courage, but is the mark of true leadership and when proven correct carries great reward.
I believe there are many in the Federal Parliament who are personally not convinced by what seems to be the majority opinion, but believe it would be harmful to say so. Your stance of calling for open-minded questionning should encourage these people to be more forthright.

Best wishes and good luck.

David Boyd

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