David Boyd – A story to be told.


David Boyd – A story to be told.
They say this country is a book of anecdotes and tales
From the red of Central Queensland and Western New South Wales
Through the black soil of the Darling where the flooded plains unfold
And your place within this country is a story to be told

It will take a bit of writing with some stops along the way
But it’s sure to be exciting, and of course be ‘triple A’
It will start just west of Nyngan with a young man fresh at work
And will end at Wirribilla, or probably at Bourke

The writer will be hand picked, as all the stations are
And he’ll never drop his standards, for you’ve set a lofty bar
He will need to know the country and must learn to love the land
And must try to speak the stories only you could understand

There will be a lot of chapters that this writer must combine
And the honest reader still will need to look between the lines
Some stories are for telling and some we must withhold
But your place within this country is a story to be told

Your friendships loom as large as your attention to detail
So Edward Scott and Dudley Dunn will feature in your tale
As will Beemery, Toorale, Clover Downs and Wingadee
And Pier Pier and Thylunga and Latoka and Rumleigh

There will have to be regrets if the story’s to be true
So Portland Downs will rank among the losses that you rue
But your tale is not a sad one, and will not dwell on loss
It’s measured by your influence on lives that you have crossed

As a mentor and a father and a husband and a friend
As a leader and as someone upon whom you can depend
As a steward of the country with a future to unfold
Your place within this country is a story to be told.

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